Pastor's Notes

Pastor's Notes

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/21/20

You will note that I begin wearing the Green again this Sunday. Yes, I know it’s not St Patrick’s day! We’ve returned fully into Ordinary Time. By Ordinary, we don’t mean normal. While things are reopening and progress is being made, it’s hard to say yet it is normal. ... Read More »

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/10/20

Having experienced the great “Eucharistic Fast” from the COVID Pandemic (a fast some of our sisters and brothers are still enduring, mind you), I can only hope that this year’s Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (aka, Corpus Christi) has even more significance. Precisely because ... Read More »

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/07/20

Presiding at Mass by myself or preaching to the iPad for the Sunday livestream Mass was a challenge. I had many email/call me recognizing that ‘It must be hard.’ It was hard. Liturgy means “work of the people”. So, not having people present, in some way diminishes (if that ... Read More »

Pentecost Sunday

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/31/20

Hiding behind a locked door for day after day – staying home and sheltering in place – together with their ‘brothers’ praying, waiting, discussing, pointing fingers, trying to remain patient and at peace, scared, confused, wondering what is next, on the lookout, unsure…. No, I’m not discussing the last ... Read More »

The Ascension of the Lord

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/24/20

We recall this Sunday the return of our Risen Lord to the Right Hand of the Father in Heaven, known as the Ascension. As a local Catholic Community, we will begin a return of our own, not to heaven, but to the throne of Grace around the Holy Sacrifice ... Read More »

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/17/20

“Re-opening” Church brings with it many feelings – joy, relief, anxiety, concern, peace, fear. I’ve had brother priests as well as parishioners reach out about this. We (and I include myself) are all over the map on our emotional, spiritual, and psychological response and state of mind. But reopening ... Read More »

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/10/20

Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to all our moms!Thank you and God Bless you. +

“Predestined from eternity by that decree of divine providence which determined the incarnation of the Word to be the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin was on this earth the virgin Mother of the ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/03/20

Next weekend in this month of May, we will honor our moms, and rightly so. In the Church during the whole month of May we honor Mary, even more, rightly so. Not only do we value Blessed Mother Mary’s willingness to give of herself in service and sacrifice to ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 4/26/20

My days feel a bit like the 1993 movie Groundhogs Day. There is a repetitiveness to them that has grown more evident in this time. Mondays and Wednesdays and even Sundays feel almost the same – up, shower, Morning Prayer, Mass at 8a, to the office to answer emails ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday)

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 4/19/20

Don’t be shocked or scandalized, but in late high school and early college, Father had a sweet heart. (Remember, I wasn’t born a priest!) She was a nice girl. We had many things in common – school, friends, fun. We dated for a couple of years. As can happens, ... Read More »


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