Parish Pastoral Council

As recommended by canon law, the pastor of Holy Family Parish asks faith-filled, knowledgeable men and women of the parish to investigate some aspect of the church, reflect on it, and recommend their conclusions. In brief, the work of the pastoral council is pastoral planning.

Our pastoral council is composed of

  • the chairs of our parish commission who convene and encourage the heads of our various committees and
  • at large members who bring the wisdom of the whole parish to our discussions
  • specially appointment representatives; e.g., Youth Delegates

Pastoral Council Roster

  • Fr. Jeremy Gries – Pastor
  • Tyler Hirsch –  At Large
  • Trish Wall – At Large
  • Lauren Wigginton -Secretary, At Large
  • Stephanie Andres – Faith Formation
  • Tom Andres – Stewardship
  • Ryan Wigginton – Christian Service
  • Adam Welp – Spiritual Life & Worship
  • Larry Abell – Chair
  • Kris Dunn – Youth Ministry
  • Paul Glaser – Finance


  • Christian Service Ministry
  • Faith Formation Ministry
  • Finance Council
  • School Ministry