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At times, everyone experiences difficult and transitional situations. BeFriender Ministry offers a caring companion to listen, empathize, and be a reminder of a loving and supportive faith community.

A BeFriender is someone who listens with compassion, accepts people as they are, respects another’s spiritual journey, and embodies the caring presence of God. BeFrienders provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of difficult and transitional situations. They are trained volunteers who extend the care of a faith community.

When someone feeling alone and isolated experiences a caring connection; when a woman with an aging parent suffering from dementia can share her story with a listening presence; when a patient with a life-threatening illness can talk about his fears to a caring ear; when an abused woman finds comfort in safely telling her story to a nonjudgmental listener; that is the power of BeFriender Ministry.

BeFriender ministers provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of transitional or difficult situations. They are trained listeners who extend the care of your faith community or organization.

Since the early 1980’s BeFrienders have been providing skilled pastoral care throughout the nation.


For more information, contact Kristina Seipel

[email protected]

812-944-8283 ext. 224

Are you ready to serve… In a new way?  In an exciting way?

In a life-giving way for you and others?

Come and hear about BeFriender Ministry!


An information meeting about BeFriender Ministry is scheduled for Sunday, April 28 from 9:00 – 10:20 a.m. in the DAC (Day Activity Center)

We will share our excitement with you about…

 What is BeFriender Ministry?

 Why BeFriender Ministry?

 How does one become a BeFriender?

Attending this meeting does not obligate anyone in any way.


We appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this wonderful ministry!


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