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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday, our new and returning CFF K-5 families are starting a program called Family Formation! We are excited about this new program, which will provide faith formation for our non- HFS school children and their parents. I’d like to

tell you more about it.

Once a month, families will gather in between the Sunday Masses to kick off the month’s theme, based upon the Scriptures we hear at Mass. During the following weeks of the month, parents and children will continue their lessons at home, expanding upon this topic.

This month, our theme is Where Heaven and Earth Meet, which is a great way to start off our academic year leading up to next summer’s National Eucharistic Congress. This Sunday, the K-2 class, Grades 3-5 class, and parents will explore the Mass as an overview. In the following weeks at home, families will share lessons and activities such as crafts and games to dig deeper into the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, Vessels and Vestments, and Christian Citizenship. The lessons aim to deepen our understanding of what happens at Mass.

From November through May, families will meet the first Sunday of each month and then spend the following weeks at home digging deeper into the month's topic using their Family Formation at-home packets. The Family Formation program helps to equip parents to pass on and live out our Catholic faith with their children at home and with the support of their Holy Family family.

We are all a part of our Holy Family family and the Body of Christ. We are called to help each other grow in our Catholic faith. What are some other practical ways that we can do this?

  • Pray for our Holy Family family every day

  • Attend Mass regularly at our parish

  • Go to confession regularly

  • Engage in our community and get to know one another

  • Continue growing in our faith, such as through studies

  • Get involved in a mission opportunity, such as service or outreach

  • Invite someone to join you in what you’re already doing

    Kristina Seipel
    Director of Discipleship & Catechesis


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