Pastor's Notes

Pastor's Notes

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 7/23/21

This Sunday, we begin a five-week consecutive read of the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John. This particular chapter is called the “Bread of Life” Discourse. It opens with one of the miracle accounts of the multiplication of loaves and fish, and will move to Jesus Christ’s profound ... Read More »

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 7/16/21

Join me in welcoming Fr. Dan Dorsey to Holy Family Catholic Church this weekend! Fr. Dorsey is the President of the Glenmary Home Missioners. He will help us see how the Glenmary Missioners provide the Bread of Life to so many of our sisters and brothers, who while impoverished ... Read More »

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 7/09/21

The Year of St Joseph is a great opportunity to dive more deeply into authentic masculinity and what it looks like when lived faithfully, fully, and freely. St Joseph is a perfect example of a man living prayer, discipline, and fraternity. Often in the Scriptures, Joseph is shown in ... Read More »

14th Sunday in Ordinary

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 7/02/21

This past year, 12-18 men of the parish gathered many of the Friday mornings between October and June. We gathered early – 6:15a in the morning early. There was coffee – lots of it – and donuts. But most important, there were men interested in going deeper into their ... Read More »

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/25/21

Archbishop Thompson recently appointing me to a 3-yr term as Dean of the New Albany Deanery starting 01 July 2021. I am honored (and a little surprised) to serve in this new capacity. The primary duties of the Dean are to coordinate work among neighboring parishes and to liaison ... Read More »

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/18/21

Happy Father’s Day: As we celebrate the gift of fatherhood in this Year of St Joseph, it is good to recall the adjectives Pope France used to describe Joseph in his Apostolic Letter Patris Corde: beloved, tender and loving, obedient, accepting, creatively courageous, working, and ‘in the shadows’. Joseph, ... Read More »

11th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/11/21

Mass Attendance

Those who are otherwise healthy are obliged to return to Sunday Mass [“in-person”] by the weekend of June 12-13, 2021. Except for the unique situations as described below, for those who are: seriously ill, exhibit flu-like symptoms and/or may have a contagious disease (including quarantine due to ... Read More »

Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 6/04/21

From Archbishop Charles C. Thompson:

The celebration of the Eucharist at Mass is the source and summit of our life and mission as Catholics.

As of March 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Roman Catholics throughout the entire Province of Indianapolis, which comprises all five ... Read More »

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/28/21

HELP! We’re excited to see that the number of people attending Mass is getting back to pre-pandemic levels, which also means that we need more parishioners to assist during our weekend Masses. Please consider joining (or re-joining) one or more of the ministries below by contacting Paul Stiller ... Read More »

Pentecost Sunday

Posted by Kelli Reutman on 5/21/21

Veni, Sancte Spiritus,et emitte caelituslucis tuae radium. Come, Holy Spiritand Emit from Heaven,Your Radiant Light.

  Liturgical Changes Starting this Weekend. Holy Water Fonts return Self-Seating – Please spread out! Sign of Peace – non-contact, non-verbal exchange

  Making the Hole-y Whole Once Again!

We will be having all ... Read More »


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