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Immediate Opportunities for Shared Mission of Christ at Holy Family

In recent weeks, the Scripture readings and my preaching have been challenging us to consider how we are engaging the Mission of Jesus Christ as Disciples. Here are some current areas where Christ is calling us the Church to spread the Gospel in Word and Deed. (12 October 2021)

Exterior Outreach Ministries

  • Visit Autumn Woods Health Campus (1x/week per month) – 1 regular & 2 subs openings
  • Visit Green Valley Care Center (1x/week per month) – 1 regular & 2 subs openings
  • In Heaven’s Eyes – Sorting Donations – 3 openings

Interior Outreach Ministries

  • Prayer Partners for RCIA candidates – 4 openings
  • Prayer Partners for our Children’s Faith Formation (CFF) children – 23 openings
  • Partner with a Homebound Parishioner – 8 openings
  • Fall Clean-Up of HF Garden Area – 2 or 3 families or groups

Liturgical Ministries

  • Ushers & Ministers of Hospitality – 2 openings for 5p Mass; 3 for 8a; 4 for 10:30a; 3 for 6p
  • Lectors – 3 openings for 5p Mass; 2 for 8a; 5 for 10:30a; 3 for 6p
  • Cantors – 1 opening for 5p Mass; 1 for 8a; 1 for 10:30a
  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion – 3 for 6p Mass
  • Invite a person(s) to Mass – think of a person in your life who could but does not currently attend – pray intentionally for them each day for a month – ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words – then invite them to Mass with an offer to join them – unlimited openings

Prayer Ministries

  • Commit to 20 minutes of Prayer & Scripture reading each day – unlimited
    (Consider The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz or the Daily Mass Readings)
  • Commit to a Holy Hour of Adoration on First Wednesday – 7 Openings, esp. 2p & 4p
  • Commit to a Holy Hour of Adoration on Third Wednesday – 10 Openings, esp. 2p & 4p
  • During the 40 Hours Waiting for Jesus with Mary this Advent, commit to 1 Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration – 80 openings


78 specific opportunities to engage in the Ministry of Christ and the Church

97 opportunities to engage in the Ministry of Prayer before Christ in the Eucharist

Training available and provided for all opportunities that need it 

Contact Kelli Reutman for more information on any of the above.       812-944-8283 x 3


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