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Important Staff News - Kelli Reutman

From Kelli Reutman, Pastoral Associate

It’s official! I have been accepted for postulancy with the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus, a religious community in Minnesota. I first shared with the Holy Family community my desire to join the Handmaids one year ago this week, thinking I had only a couple months left here in New Albany. Little did I know what was in store for me! The Sisters asked me to wait another year for continued discernment. In that time, I have transitioned from my staff role as Director of Communications to Pastoral Associate. I went from doing the hidden work of communications, where I was comfortable and happy, to the visible ministerial roles of leading women’s ministry, teaching RCIA, and many other things. The transition was hard, but I am certain the challenges were exactly what I needed to become the daughter of God I’ve been created to be. The Lord is very good! I am eternally grateful for my “extra” time here at Holy Family and with each of you. Leaving will be extremely bittersweet.

Thankfully, this isn’t goodbye just yet! I will join the Handmaids in late August and continue my work for much of that time. Please don’t be shy – I will gladly share the joy of my vocation with anyone who is interested. Know of my prayers for you and your families, and please pray for me as well. You can learn more about my community at


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