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Archdiocese Removes General Dispensation for Sunday Mass

Effective beginning June 11

This means that all the faithful, outside of unique situations, are morally obligated to once again attend Sunday Mass in person each week. Read the letter from Archbishop Thompson for detail on who is exempt.

Statement from Archbishop Thompson

While it is an obligation, it is also a joyful opportunity to worship God and another great sign that the pandemic is coming to an end. Each week, we see more familiar faces in the pews – praise God! Let us work together to invite the rest of our members home. Send a text or make a call to those you haven’t seen in a while and share the peace and joy that comes from attending Mass each week.

Let us also pray for one another: that our faith may be strengthened; for a full end to this pandemic, and for those who have drifted from their faith, that their hearts will be moved to return. 

We're excited to welcome you home, brothers and sisters.


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