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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

HELP! We’re excited to see that the number of people attending Mass is getting back to pre-pandemic levels, which also means that we need more parishioners to assist during our weekend Masses. Please consider joining (or re-joining) one or more of the ministries below by contacting Paul Stiller (

  • Greeters offer a warm welcome at the church entrance prior to Mass
  • Ushers help take up the offertory during Mass
  • Lectors proclaim the Word of God through the readings at Mass
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distribute Holy Communion during Mass
  • Cantors lead the congregational singing & Psalm during Mass

We will provide training and send you reminders. You can pick which Masses you assist with and how often you serve through the program, Ministry Scheduler Pro…THANK YOU!


Summer & Mass

I know there is much pent up desire to travel and go on vacation given the last 12 months. Whether you just got back to Mass in-person or have been attending since the lockdown lifted, please continue to make In-Person Mass a priority. We Catholic Christians are a Sacramental people, and Sacraments require the in-person experience of water, bread, wine, oil, flesh to flesh encounter. The Outward Sign experienced tangibly in-person is the transmitter of God’s inward Grace by Christ’s command. Hopefully, by attending in person, you’ve experienced in your own heart & soul, the importance, joy, and gift of being present together in-person with God and with your sisters and brothers in Christ. While one can, and indeed should, pray by themselves, the very Revealed Nature of God as Trinity of Persons in One Perfect Communion teaches and instructs us that our proper way to love and worship is In-Person in Community. Given the tremendous progress in overcoming the communally divisive effects of the pandemic, we are blessed to be able to once again gather safely for this most sacred purpose – offering true Worship to the Triune God as asked for and commanded by the Son of God in the Mass. This is a blessing; it is a gift; it is our very source and meaning at Catholic Christians. To protect the sacred nature of this gift and proclaim its supreme importance in our Christian lives, Archbishop Thompson has removed the dispensation from in-person attendance of Mass. Beginning on June 11, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, all otherwise healthy Catholic persons are expected and obligated to attend Mass in-Person on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.


Reminder – Parking Lot Paving Schedule:

  • June 1–4: Repave and stripe driveway by In Heavens Eyes (IHE); Repave and stripe east lot between parish office building (POB) and IHE; Repave and stripe south end of lot by playground & HFS entrance.
  • June 7 – 11: Seal and stripe the lot between the POB & church; Seal and stripe the lot between cafeteria and Daisy Lane; Seal and stripe the back lot by cafeteria and Marchino Hall


Holy Family, Centered in Godly Worship, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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