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Pentecost Sunday

Veni, Sancte Spiritus,
et emitte caelitus
lucis tuae radium.

Come, Holy Spirit
and Emit from Heaven,
Your Radiant Light.


Liturgical Changes Starting this Weekend.

  • Holy Water Fonts return
  • Self-Seating – Please spread out!
  • Sign of Peace – non-contact, non-verbal exchange


Making the Hole-y Whole Once Again!

We will be having all of the Holy Family parking lots repaired/repaved/resealed/re-striped (depending on area) during the weekdays between May 26-June 11, weather permitting. If weather interferes, the schedule could be extended. The work will be done in stages to permit limited access to the church and school. If cones or tape are blocking off sections of the lot, please do not go beyond or park in them. We will need the lots available for the work to proceed.

Tentative Paving Schedule:

  • May 26-27: Full depth repairs to part of the west driveway by DAC & front Daisy Lane Lot. This should have little effect on traffic or parking.
  • June 1–4: Repave and stripe driveway by In Heavens Eyes (IHE); Repave and stripe east lot between parish office building (POB) and IHE; Repave and stripe south end of lot by playground & HFS entrance.
  • June 7 – 11: Seal and stripe the lot between the POB & church; Seal and stripe the lot between cafeteria and Daisy Lane; Seal and stripe the back lot by cafeteria and Marchino Hall


Seminarian Support

Next weekend, May 29-30 is the annual collection in support of ArchIndy Seminarians currently studying for future ministry in the Church. This collection helps cover the expenses involved in the education and formation of our future priests. At this point in time, we are blessed with 21 men studying for the priesthood: ten at Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary and eleven at St Meinrad School of Theology. We hope to add 8 to 10 men to this number for next year. The average cost per student for educational expenses is $40,000 per year. All donations to this special annual collection will go directly toward the payment of these expenses. [There is an envelope in your packet and an option to “Support our Seminarians” on Faith Direct.]


Holy Family, speaking the Word, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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