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Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

During my quarantine “staycation retreat” at the rectory a few weeks ago, I engaged in much extra prayer and reading. One of the things I read through was the articles on ‘Cultivating a Grateful Heart’ in the November issue of The Word Among Us – Daily Meditations for Catholics (WAU). [That is the free booklet by the exits of the church at the end of each month. It contains the daily readings for Mass, brief reflections and articles to cultivate the Catholic Faith.]

Lots can and has been said about Gratitude and Thanksgiving. As Christians, our lives should include a healthy dose of both, and not just to God, but certainly to God! While I’d heard much of what the articles in WAU suggested, they were good reminders of the need to put Gratitude into daily practice in my life in concrete and conscious ways. I admit, sometimes, I’m not as grateful as I should be. Sometimes I’m blind to the blessings, and sometimes I don’t accept them as such. (Sorry about that!) Yet, I suspect I’m not alone. One thing the articles really reminded me of was the simple fact that Gratitude and Thanksgiving are habits to be learned, embraced, and practiced. Without the practice, the intentional effort, we grow blind, deaf, and numb to innumerable blessings showered down upon us daily.

This week with Thanksgiving Day, we are collectively reminded that no matter how challenging things might sometimes seem (and 2020 has seemed challenging), there are always, always, ALWAYS reasons to be grateful and to express Thanksgiving to God and to one another – for the blessings they give – for the blessings they are! It is good to be grateful and to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, yes – but it was even better for me to be reminded of the need for Gratitude and Thanksgiving every day. Maybe you can use the reminder as well.

Thank you & I’m Grateful for you at Holy Family!

Archdiocese of Indianapolis - United Catholic Appeal

“Every Gift Gives Hope for Tomorrow”

Thank you to those who submitted their UCA Pledge cards last weekend. We had a great first start. If you’ve not yet submitted your UCA pledge card, please prayerfully consider making a pledge or contribution today.

Holy Family, Overflowing with Gratitude and Thanksgiving, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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