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Epiphany of the Lord

Epiphany comes from the word meaning ‘to reveal.’ It might be worth thinking about what is revealed in our readings and solemnity this weekend. Certainly, Magi (or kings) from the east arrived in Jerusalem seeking the newborn ‘King of the Jews”, a very Gentile title, proclaimed by Gentile magi. So in part, one revelation is that God plans that those beyond the Israelites would be included in this new kingdom reigned over by this newborn King of the Jews. That those beyond God’s Covenant with Moses would be invited, welcomed, and incorporated into God’s people in some way. It is revealed that they too would be allowed an offering of relationship with the Living God. This is very Good News for us who are not ethnically Jewish. Next, we see the Christ child with Mary His Mother. This reveals the intimate bond of mother and child – even when the child is also the Son of God. God works within nature to bring us His supernatural Good News of salvation. Nature matters, our bodies matter, our relationships in family matter. We should not take them for granted but allow them to glorify God. Drawing near Mother Mary will only ever help us draw near to her son, Jesus. A third revelation is the proper response of the people before Christ – homage. What is homage – a public, outward display of respect and special, exalted honor. Our Faith in Jesus Christ, as the Messiah, requires a public outward display of respect and honor. And while this is done, in part, in Mass and in the churches – just as it was done in the ‘house’ the Magi entered, it must also be done before kings – such as King Herod when the Magi first inquired of him “Where is the newborn king?” Our faith belongs in our homes and house, of course(!), but it cannot be restricted to home or house. It belongs in our very public life if we are truly to honor the Lord and give homage. There is more of course, but this is why Epiphany is such an ancient feast – publically celebrated in Liturgy even before the celebration of Christ’s birth at Christmas in liturgical history. Epiphany is a great revealing of who the Lord is and the beginning of the revelation of how we are expected to show fealty to Him who has come to be God with Us, Emmanuel.

Fridays for Fathers will resume on Friday 08 January 2021 at 6:15am in the DAC. We will do the last six sessions of Into the Breach by Bishop Olmstead and the Knights of Columbus. New men participants welcome. See you there. I’ll have the coffee ready!

Upcoming Parish Mission by Fr Louis Guardiola, CPM

I’m excited that Holy Family has been able to reschedule our Parish Mission for this upcoming February. It will be a great lead into the season of Lent.  Fr Louis will speak over five nights about how the Church serves as the Ark of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. It will include conference talks, confessions, and Eucharistic Exposition. Plan to be present each night Sunday through Thursday, February 6 to 11, 2020.

Holy Family, who welcomed the Magi from the east, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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