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7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

On Tuesday, February 22, we celebrate a sort of “only in the Catholic Church” type event, the Feast of the Chair of St Peter, the Apostle. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (when he was acting pope) spoke of this feast in a General Audience, saying: “‘Cathedra’ literally means the established seat of the bishop, placed in the mother church of a diocese which for this reason is known as a “cathedral”; it is the symbol of the bishop's authority and in particular, of his “magisterium”, that is, the evangelical teaching which, as a successor of the Apostles, he is called to safeguard and to transmit to the Christian Community… The See of Rome, after St Peter's travels, thus came to be recognized as the See of the Successor of Peter, and its bishop's “cathedra” represented the mission entrusted to [Peter] by Christ to tend His entire flock… Celebrating the “Chair” of Peter, therefore… means attributing a strong spiritual significance to it and recognizing it as a privileged sign of the love of God, the eternal Good Shepherd, who wanted to gather His whole Church and lead Her on the path of salvation” [22 Feb. 2006].


Ministry Opportunities                                                  

Is the Holy Spirit’s calling you to live the mission of the Gospel? Great - a variety of opportunities are available right here at Holy Family. Discern your level of commitment, interaction, and engagement, then get in touch! A different ministry opportunity is highlighted each week in the bulletin and a list of current openings is online at the site above. There are opportunities with St Vincent de Paul, In Heaven’s Eyes, Liturgical Ministries, School, Youth Ministry. But these are not the only opportunities available, so if there are other areas you feel called to, let us know. Contact us about an opportunity to which you feel the Spirit is calling. A talk with Kelli or Father might help you discern. Please take the first step! Please fill out the form linked on the website or email Kelli Reutman ( directly.

The Lord wants you engaged; and by engaging, you will encounter the Lord more readily.

On the Horizon – Ash Wednesday – March 2nd

8a Mass (with School children) + Noon + 6p

Lenten Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Thank you to those who have already signed up and committed to spend time each weekday of Lent with the Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. For those who have done so before, you already know the benefits and blessings that await you by Encountering Christ in prayer. If you have not tried Adoration before, this could be a great opportunity to ‘Be still and know I Am’ (Psalm 46:11). God is indeed a mighty God and He longs to be with us, alongside us, to assist and sustain us. Wait and See. There are a few spots available. We strive to have at least 2 adorers committed to each hour so that coverage is consistent and constant. Christ Jesus in the Eucharist is not be left unattended when He is exposed for Adoration on the Altar. To sign up for your Holy Hour Encounter with Christ, visit or contact the parish office. 

Even if you did not commit for an hour, you are most welcome to come and spend time with Jesus Christ, Truly Present – Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity – in the Eucharist. Feel free to bring your own reading materials and Bibles. If you need materials, the office has some limited items that might be of assistance to you. I’m looking forward to this Grace-filled time as a parish family together. On a personal note, one of the great blessings of my pastorate here at Holy Family has been the many times I’ve stopped in during Adoration to find so many people in prayer in the church – even beyond those ‘signed up.’ It gives me great hope and encouragement. So thank you in advance and know of my prayers for you.


Holy Family, Present in Prayer, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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