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2nd Sunday of Advent

Haiti Homes for Christmas Challenge:

As I talked about last week, I would love to see members of Holy Family to provide a new home for Christmas for a family in need in Haiti in cooperation with Cross Catholic International. To do so, we would need to raise $8,580. This would provide a new, clean, storm worthy home to a Haitian family.\When I pitched the idea of building a home to the Parish Council, their response was overwhelmingly supportive and unanimous that we should go for it. Here are a few of their thoughts on the outreach:

"As a member of HF Pastoral Council, I would like to encourage the parish to participate in an Advent outreach project called Homes for Christmas.  It is a project where we as a parish family can help the poor in Haiti who are in great need of proper housing.  It is answering our Lord’s call to help the least of our brothers and sisters.  I hope you will consider giving to this worthy project." ~ Tom Andres


"This year has brought us all many uncertainties and insecurities, from financial instability to social isolation, loss of jobs to loss of our neighbors due to the COVID19 pandemic. While this feeling of wariness is new for many Americans, to our brothers and sisters in other areas of the world this is a reality they live with on a daily basis and to an extreme still unfathomable to many people in our area. I believe participating in this project will put the hardships we have faced into perspective and allow some semblance of stability to those who need it most." ~ Tyler Hirsch


"I am looking forward to this opportunity to give something that we so easily take for granted. As proclaimed in yesterday's Gospel, Jesus calls us to give to the least of our brothers and sisters to, in turn, give to Him." ~ Stephanie Andres


You can make your contribution to the Haitian Home for Christmas on the Holy Family Faith Direct – “One-Time Gift Now” or by sending a check to Holy Family with “Advent Haiti Home” in the memo line. More information can be found at: I’ve already made my contribution!

Technology has been growing in importance for years, but since the pandemic, it has exploded. And this importance is especially true in the Church. Technology can be a great way to spread the Gospel and bring the Faith to those in need. Holy Family is looking for interested persons willing to serving on a Tech Team. Training will be provided. Time commitment would be an hour or two a month. If interested, please contact Fr Gries or Kelli Reutman at the parish office.


Happy Advent! Happy Feast of St Nicholas!

May we truly prepare our hearts and our homes to receive the Messiah!


Holy Family, Traveling to Bethlehem, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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