Holy Family Parish Vacation Bible School 2014


Join us as we sing, dance, play, pray and discover God’s love.

Monday, June 23  through Friday, June 28 - For children age 4 – incoming 5th graders


Monday – Thursday:

  • Gathering and registration – 5:50 p.m.
  • Activities – 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Friday only: Closing night festivities – 6:00 p.m.


  • Register early, April 23 – May 9, for the reduced price of $15.00 per child.
  • Also during this time, a third child in a family can register for $12.00.
  • Late registrations will be accepted May 10 – 30 for $20.00 per child.


Registration fee includes: snacks, supplies, crafts, Bible Buddies, and t-shirt


Please return registration form (LINK) and payment to the Holy Family Parish Office, Holy Family School Office,  or through the Holy Family School Wednesday Envelope.


For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact:

Safe & Sacred training for adults 18 and over is available at: https://safeandsacred-archindy.org/


Julie Hallal - 502-592-0762 or jhallal@holyfamilyeagles.com

Theresa Shaw - 812-944-8283 or tshaw@holyfamilynewalbany.org


Helpful Ideas for Planning for your yourself, Loved Ones and your Church – at Holy Family on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria. Please register for the event by contacting Karen Schoenfelder at kschoenfelder@holyfamilynewalbany.org or 812-944-8283.

Download the registration form here.

2014 Funding Q&A: Cost of Holy Family Student education? Does the church help any other Deanery ministries? Does Tuition count as tithing?

We will be posting questions with answers about our parish finances. Please watch for and read these important messages. At the end of this series, we’ll invite you to submit your own questions.

What does it cost to educate a student at Holy Family? 

Tuition rates for grades K-8 are by family, not student. These are the rates for 2013/14:

  • 1 child $4,787
  • 2 children $7,351
  • 3 children $8,892
  • 4 children $10,276

Additionally, the church through Sunday collections subsidized the school $297,136.

Does Holy Family Parish financially support Providence Jr/Sr High School and/or the Deanery Offices?

Here is a breakdown of who Holy Family financially supported, primarily through Sunday collections, in 2012/13 the archdiocese, our school, Providence, and the deanery:

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 9.15.08 AM

Do Holy Family tuition payments count as donations and does it cover tithing responsibility? 


Holy Family Catholic School 2014/15 Job Openings

The following staff positions are being posted at Holy Family Catholic School, New Albany, at this time:

Language Arts Teacher – We are seeking an excellent candidate to teach Grade 3-4 English/Language Arts in a departmentalized school structure. Qualifications: Bachelor or Master degree in Elementary Education with endorsement in E/LArts. Practicing Catholic and teaching experience preferred, with strong literacy and technology skills.

French I and World Language Teacher – We are seeking an excellent candidate to teach elementary world language enrichment for grades K-6 and French I to advanced 7-8th grade students. Qualifications:  Bachelor or Master degree in Education with certification in French I, and endorsement in world languages, Spanish preferred, other languages welcome.

Cafeteria Staff Member/Cook – We are seeking a highly qualified candidate to join our school kitchen staff.   This staff member should be an experienced and licensed food service provider.  Experience in school lunch programs is preferred.

Classroom Aide – We are looking for a highly qualified candidate to serve as classroom assistant for first grade.  Qualifications: practicing Catholic; experience is preferred. Teaching certificate is not required.

Please send resume to: Jerry Ernstberger, jernstberger@holyfamilyeagles.com or mail/drop off to: Holy Family School, 217 West Daisy Lane, New Albany, IN 47150.

Homily for Easter Sunday – April 20, 2014

April202014-shutterstock_82136002“Danny, you would not believe how beautiful heaven is.”  That was the first thing Marty said to me when I saw her on the last Thursday of Lent in 1997.  Marty was dying of congestive heart failure.  She was one of my mom’s best friends.   Frail and weak, she had come to mom’s funeral but I didn’t get to talk with her.  Now it was Marty’s time and she had called me to ask me to come and talk with her one last time.

I confess to you that I was reluctant to go.  Seeing Marty pale and frail, I thought would bring back painful memories of Mom.  It was only the thought of having to answer to Mom in the next world that made me drive from Bloomington to Louisville to see Marty.  I was not prepared for the person I met.

Far from being ashen and weak, Marty was more beautiful than I remembered.  She glowed, it seemed to me, with a life that came from somewhere inside or beyond her.  Looking back now I think the glow I was seeing was simply a reflected a love.  The kind of light that we see when we look at the moon.

When Marty said, “Danny, you are not going to believe how beautiful heaven is,” she was speaking from experience.  Quite literally, Marty had died and been resuscitated by doctors and nurses several years before.  She spoke about being lifted up into the strong, gentle hands of God and seeing the faces of so many dear relatives and friends.  “Your mom and your dad are so happy, and they are at peace.  Your mom’s not sick anymore.  There was so much more that she said which gave me comfort and an assurance that our faith in Jesus’ promises are not in vain.

I think, though, that this Easter the part of Marty’s message I want to share with you is what she said about her son, John, who was gay and has also gone home to God.  She said, “Danny, I love Johnny. God doesn’t make junk!  We human beings make junk.  God doesn’t throw anybody away.  We throw people away.  All God sees is the beauty.  It’s his beauty. And that beauty is forever.”

Isn’t that what Easter is all about?  Isn’t the message of Easter that no human life God makes is junk.  Is the message of the resurrection that no one is once and for all disposable?  Easter is about God reaching down into the jaws of death and rescuing Jesus who had been summarily tried and executed for inciting public riots and vandalizing a holy place?  When the world had straightened its tie and congratulated itself that there was one less piece of trash on the streets, God visited the tomb of a convicted criminal and gave him a new life and a new name.  Christos.  The Christ.  “You are my son.  Today I have begotten you.”  Not trash….the Treasured Son. What human beings had thrown away, God lifted up as dear and precious. 

At least one of the things that we are saying when we say that we believe in the resurrection of our bodies is that none of us is junk.  If we treat ourselves and others as anything less than dear and precious to God we have forgotten the meaning of Easter.  I believe my friend Marty knew from deep within what we all struggle to grasp.  What we want desperately to believe:  We are deeply cherished by God.  What God has done for Jesus, God intends to do for each one of us when we surrender to him in love.  That work has already begun in us.  

Like Mary Magdalene I return to you with the news that our Lord is truly risen.  Though I have not seen him I have seen his love shining as reflected light from my friend Marty’s beautiful face and in your faces.  He is alive and if we look for him we shall all see him.