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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

You will note that I begin wearing the Green again this Sunday. Yes, I know it’s not St Patrick’s day! We’ve returned fully into Ordinary Time. By Ordinary, we don’t mean normal. While things are reopening and progress is being made, it’s hard to say yet it is normal. Or even a ‘new normal.’ Ordinary also doesn’t mean ho-hum, boring, or trite… at least in the liturgical sense. We enter into ordinary time as it is ordered to the growth of our daily Christian discipleship. Ordinary has as its root – order and orderly. That things are progressing systematically forward and for a purpose. This time between the great seasons of Christmas and Easter is ordered to our spiritual growth – hence the Green. Are you living a more ‘orderly’ spiritual life? Have you established good habits of prayer, Scripture reading, and the Rosary? Have you recognized the orderly living out of family life where time together eating and recreating, working and striving together are ordered to God and for your own good? Have you put your relational house in order by reaching making use of Confession? Have you ordered your days aright by the Life and Truth of Jesus? This Ordinary Time challenges us to grow in a more perfect life with God and others.


Congratulations to our First Communicants! They progressed to a new ‘order’ in their Catholic Christian life by receiving Jesus Christ Truly Present in the Eucharist for the first time on Saturday June 20. They had to wait a few extra weeks, but now at last the order is restored and they too can be nourished and fed in this next step of their Faith life. Blessings and Prayers. May Christ in the Eucharist always be there to order your life aright.


Congratulations to our 2020 8th Grade Graduating Class from Holy Family Catholic School & Preschool. They too have had an extra wait and strange ending but they will at last get the opportunity this Wednesday, June 24 to be recognized and acknowledged for their hard work and efforts as they progress in the order of life to high school. We are proud of you. We know you will be successful in your future studies. Please remember and live the Catholic Christian values HFS has instilled in you. They will assist you greatly in ordering your life for Christ.


Trying to determine if you should come to Mass in person… I’ve put together a decision tree to aid in your discernment (see below). Archbishop Thompson has lifted the required Sunday obligation until August 15. Yet, I know most of you attend Mass out of love and devotion for Christ in the Scriptures and Sacrament more than mere obligation.


Holy Family, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries



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