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Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up the mountain, and after He had sat down, His disciples came to Him. He began to teach them. ~ Matthew 5:1-2

As schools in the area begin the delicate and challenging work of education once again for the Fall semester, let us all offer of some additional prayers. Prayers for peace and patience. Prayers for safety and sanity. Prayers for careful planning and good outcomes. Prayers for cooperation and communication. Prayers for learning, growing, and maturing. Prayers that lives may be benefited by the instruction of the mind and heart. Prayers that students, teachers, and staff remain healthy and well. Prayers for a successful school year.

As school corporations, including the Catholic school system, have had to plan, to prepare, to make difficult decisions, let us pray that in all things the well-being of all involved may be protected by our Lord God as the needed endeavor of educating and forming our youngest to young adults resumes in various forms. We are all aware of the challenges and the risks. Risk to gather and risks to staying home. I pray, that while we may not all agree on the best prudential path forward, we may agree that we all are striving for the best in a bad situation.

May God the Father, who sent His Son to gather the people together to Him and to teach them, now send His Holy Spirit to watch over all students, teachers, and schools. Please God, assist us, that all may be for your Glory.


Special Prayers for Mrs. Amy Huber and the Holy Family Catholic School & Preschool Staff as you safely welcome students back to our halls to Inspire Minds, tend Caring Hearts, and form Lives Devoted to Christ.


Per Govenor Holcomb’s executive order, Mask wearing is now manditory in all public spaces. As such, Masks are required for in-person attendance at Mass. If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, you are currently exempted from in-person attendance at Mass by Archbishop Thompson and myself as your pastor. If unable to attend in-person, please join Holy Family for Mass online, or read the Sunday readings, or pray a Rosary, or find some other spiritually benefical way to “Honor the Lord’s Day”. Know of my prayers.

In-Person Mass Attendance Reminders

Safety social protocols continue for the communal safety of all persons.

  • Before coming to Mass, please perform a personal health assessment (and that of other members of your household) to ensure you are not presenting any COVID symptoms:
  • Please arrive early to be seated by an usher.
    You may want to sit elsewhere, but the ushers are trying to maximize church capacity, maintain safe social distance, and minimize the post-Mass church cleaning. It’s a tall order!
  • If you see blue, use another pew!
    (Look down. If there is blue tape that says “No Entry”, then you cannot sit in that pew.)
  • Please do respond, sing, answer, and participate in the Mass.

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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