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Easter Sunday

Christus Resurrexit,
Sicut Dixit, Alleluia!!!

Christ has Risen,
as He said He would, Alleluia!!!

As we experience the Good News of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this Easter Sunday, let us collectively:

  • rejoice that so many are able to gather together to pray, to sing, to offer Eucharistic Thanksgiving even while we are aware in solidarity of those who are still homebound
  • remember the real struggles and hardships we have personally and communally endured this past year that through God’s Grace and our cooperation we have remained Faithful
  • recall those who have been lost in the past year, specifically from the pandemic, that they may now in a real and eternal way share in the fruits of this Holy Easter Resurrection
  • reminisce over the family, parish, and Church traditions and Traditions that are being slowly restored to us so that we can be more fully connected in love as family and community
  • recollect the Gospel alive in our lives that was made known by angels, Mary Magdalene, and the Apostles so that we today can carry the Message of Hope and Good News to all the world.

This is indeed a day, a week, a season of Joy. This flows from the new life of Jesus Christ who has conquered the darkness of sin and death and now shines in the glorious light of Life.

Christ is risen, as He said He would, Alleluia!

A special welcome and congratulations to all the Neophytes and Fully Initiated Members of the Catholic Christian Church who will and have been received this Easter Season. It was a true joy to have Baptisms, Profession of Faith, Confirmations, and First Holy Communions at the Easter Vigil. You are a true blessing to Church, and we are glad you are fully among us. Know of our continued prayers for you.

Holy Family, Protected and Led by St Joseph, Pray for us.

~Fr. Jeremy M. Gries


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