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Ascension Sunday

Christus Resurrexit,
Sicut Dixit, Alleluia!!!

Christ has Risen,
as He said He would, Alleluia!!!


Coming Changes to Liturgy at Holy Family. Next weekend with Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the parish will implement a few past practices to move us back toward ‘normal’ at Mass:

  • You will find the Holy Water Fonts at the church doors to be once again present and filled with Holy Water. The use of Holy Water upon entry and/or exit to church is a sacramental – an external sign that points towards God’s Grace received in the Sacraments. With Holy Water, the sacramental sign points toward our Baptismal Sacrament through water and the Holy Spirit. Like all sacramentals, Holy Water is optional to use.
  • Seating Adjustments. Usher assisted seating will stop. We will be reserving the front several rows on both sides for those who desire to have ‘strict social distancing’ and for our non-ambulatory parishioners. If you would feel more comfortable attending Mass with greater social distancing, please sit in these front pews. The rest of the congregation will respect the wishes of those sitting in the front pews to respect your desire for added space. I am asking you to spread out as you select seats in the rest of the church. We will not be strictly monitoring your seating or requiring every other pew, but we know the value of space in keeping the greater population safer. Please self-monitor your spacing as you select seats so we can maximize the available seats. It is still highly encouraged that you maintain at least 3 feet between households.
  • Sign of Peace. We will now reintroduce a brief moment to exchange a non-contact, non-verbal sign of peace. This could be a nod of the head, a wave, a slight bow toward the others. Please remember we are in church, so your gestures should be reserved and appropriate. A sign of peace between household members that includes contact is permissible.

A few things NOT yet changing at Holy Family:

  • Masks continue to be strongly recommended by the Archbishop for Liturgy, particularly as spacing tightens up in our churches at Mass. Please bring and wear a Mask for Mass.
  • Holy Family will continue to use only the Daisy Lane Entrance so as to provide social distance for those needing it at the front of the church. This also provides greater security to our congregation.
  • Schools are still under tighter restrictions through the end of the academic year. With no clarity yet on fall school restrictions, Holy Family will continue to limit the use of the school building, including the restrooms and passing through.

Holy Family, eternally looking up to heaven, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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