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5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Holy Family Parish Mission

THIS WEEK! Sunday Night through Thursday Night, February 7 to 11 in the church @ 7p.

No more waiting. I pray, plead, petition you to join with your fellow parishioners in-person or on-line. Even if you can only come to one night, come! But I also know that when you come one night, you will want to come again. I’ve been blessed to hear two other Parish Missions offered by Fathers of Mercy missionaries. They were incredible. Each was different, yet both deeply encouraged, challenged, and strengthened my Catholic Christian Faith. Jesus wants you to be here to hear what He longs to tell you in and through the words of Fr Louis Guardiola.

Livestream will also be available.

Whether this week, or just in the month of February here are some ideas you might consider as a Couple:

  • Re-read the readings that were proclaimed on your wedding day. Pray with them together anew.
  • Recall the friends and family members who were a part of your wedding day. With whom have you lost contact? Maybe try reconnecting. Who is in need of your prayers? Who has passed away? Pray for them.
  • Recreate your first dance from your wedding by finding the song and dance together in your living room.
  • Prayerfully re-read your wedding vows to each other.
    Take a moment to recommit yourself to the vows you made on your wedding day.
  • Create a Marriage Memory Box together and then go on a treasure hunt to find little things that represent your relationship: old love letters, honeymoon photos, ticket stubs from date nights, dried flowers, etc. Write down favorite memories and add them to the box. Keep it in a special place to add more items and revisit at a later time.

Distribution of Holy Communion

Starting last Tuesday, Feb 2nd, the distribution of Holy Communion has been restored to its proper place IN the Mass. This is a small safe step toward normalcy.

Procedure (this should feel familiar!):

  • I’m happy to bring Holy Communion to those congregants in the front pew on each side who might need assistance.
  • Ushers will release pew by pew.
  • Please form only one (1) line up the center aisle.
  • Please use handsanitizer before reception
  • (Some Masses may have one (1) additional Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. In which case, please go to the minister on the same side of church as you are sitting.)
  • Mask may be lowered at the time of reception or shortly after to receive, but please wear it afterwards.
  • Return to your pew by the respective side aisle.
  • Please minimize touching any additional pews, etc on approach or return.
  • After all have received, the vessels will be purified and altar cleared.
  • Mass will continue with the final prayer, (announcements), Final Blessing, and recessional hymn.
  • Experience of other pastors and parishes suggests there is really no greater risk than before.


Holy Family, Protected and Led by St Joseph, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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