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4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Catholic Schools Week – Jan 31 to Feb 6

Congratulations and prayers for our students, staff, and parents as we rejoice in another year of (mostly) in-person Catholic education. It is a gift to the parish and greater community. Holy Family Catholic School & Preschool has been providing quality education and faith formation since our parish founding in 1954. Many of you reading this have personally benefited from Catholic Education – as recipients yourself or as parents who called upon HFS to aid you in raising your child(ren) in a Catholic environment. We are thankful to be able to provide this opportunity, and thankful more for the many benefactors who support this major ministry. While leaders, teachers, and students have come and gone through these 66-years, the consistent, rigorous education and quality Christ-centered formation remains.

Catholic Schools have been instructing children in the faith and needed worldly knowledge for more than 200-years. St Elizabeth Ann Seton opened the first free Catholic school in Baltimore, MD. As a recent convert to the Catholic Faith herself, she was on fire with desire for Christ, the Bread of Life. She committed her life to sharing this love with children through Catholic education. Today’s lay teaching staff continues this same charism to bring a love of the Faith in a safe and affirming environment. While the culture has continued to change through the years, the need to bring the Light of the Gospel to our young people is just as relevant, if not more so. Blessings on your labors of love for Christ and the Church.



Distribution of Holy Communion

At the recommendation of Fr Patrick Beidelman, Director of Worship for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Holy Family has been asked to develop a plan to restore the distribution of Holy Communion back to its proper place IN the Mass. He told me, “Most of our parishes have been able to figure out a plan to do that safely, and we haven't had any real trouble.” With our daily Adoration of the Eucharist through the week during Lent, logistically we were going to have to return distribution to its proper place anyway. With the Presentation of the Lord (i.e., Candlemass) on Tuesday, Feb 2, which celebrates the coming of Christ the Light of the World into the Temple, we will welcome back Christ the Bread of Life into the proper place in our Liturgy.

Procedure: Non- ambulatory folks are encouraged to sit in the front pews and Holy Communion will be brought to you. Otherwise, ushers will release folks pew by pew. Form one line up the center aisle. Please use hand sanitizer before reception of Holy Communion. (At some Masses, we have 1 additional Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, in which case you will go to the person distributing Holy Communion on the side of church which you are sitting.) You may lower your mask at the time of reception (obviously!), but please return it afterwards. After reception, you will return to your pew by the respective side aisle. Please try not to touch any additional pews as you approach or return. After all have received, the vessels will be purified and the altar cleared. Mass will then continue with the final prayer, (announcements), blessing, and recessional hymn. This should sound very familiar… only real change from pre-pandemic is that hands are sanitized and masks are briefly lowered and returned. Experience of other pastors and parishes I’ve consulted on this matter, suggests there is really no greater risk than before.



Holy Family Parish Mission

NEXT WEEK! Sunday through Thursday, February 7 to 11, 2021 in the church @ 7p.


Holy Family, Protected and Led by St Joseph, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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