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3rd Sunday of Lent

First Holy Communion – Caring Weekend

This weekend we will have members of this year’s First Holy Communion class presenting letters to members of the parish community as part of the “Caring Weekend”. There are also small displays about the family and community of the children on display at the church entrance. This annual weekend of recognition accomplishes many things. First, it reminds the children that as they prepare to receive our Lord Jesus Christ Truly Present in the Eucharist that it is not just Holy Communion with Jesus but also Holy Communion with the Church (and our Holy Family parish). The Church is the Body of Christ. And as Jesus instructed us to Love God and Neighbor, when these children receive their first Holy Communion, it will be a new level of communion for them with God and neighbor. The intimate, tender, loving Communion made possible by physically and spiritually receiving the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist necessarily leads to a similar tender, loving Communion with fellow Catholic Christians in the parish and Church. This reminder can moderate a tendency in the Faithful about a ‘Me & Jesus’ attitude of their faith, their prayer, or even their Communion.

This “Caring Weekend” also helps raise awareness in the children about the great Faith Tradition itself. The children are just the next generation in a long line of generations. They are receiving a special, unique, and vital Gift from those who have gone before them. This idea of being part of something greater than oneself, leads to greater belonging and believing. It builds interconnectedness. It sustains fraternity and unity. It helps them see their small but significant place in the greater whole of God’s Plan of Salvation unfolding through time. It is for this reason, that we have the First Communion children send letters to some of the seniors of the parish. Many a receiving parishioner has been encouraged that a new generation is carrying the Cross forward so that all may know the joy of the Resurrected Life in Christ. It also invites the seniors personally to pray for these 15 young people as they make this new and next step of their Faith Life.

This “Caring Weekend” isn’t just about the children receiving First Holy Communion. It is intended to call us, the greater parish community, to be attentive, prayerful, and supportive of these particular young people (but also of all our young people) in this great Catholic Christian Faith Tradition. Each generation is steward of this great treasure of Faith which has continued nearly 2000 years from that Upper Room in Jerusalem to our own parish church in New Albany, IN. The Bread of Life, of which one may eat and drink to have Eternal life (Cf. Jn 6), is the very source and summit of our Faith (SC 10). Without the Eucharist – that is, Jesus Christ, there would be no Church, and without the Church, there would be no Eucharist.

These many lessons are worth remembering for us who have long ago received our First Holy Communion. These are deep lessons about who we are as Catholic Christians knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ in the Church. While we give special attention this “Caring Weekend”, these realities really need to be more present and prominent in each of our daily and weekly gatherings at the Altar of the Lord. Each of us – personally and communally – is tasked to care about the community, our young people, our rich gift of Tradition, and our important role in handing on the Faith of TrueReligion each week and weekend


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Holy Family, Protected and Led by St Joseph, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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