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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We return to “ordinary” time this weekend and the more familiar green color of vestments and décor. I sometimes sense, and sometimes feel personally, that ‘ordinary’ is equal to ‘boring, mundane, uninteresting’. As if the ordinary time of the Church Liturgical calendar is not as important as the rest of the time. While nothing is as important as Christ’s Suffering, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension – that pivotal time of Good Friday and Easter – need Jesus’ ordinary time of teaching, preaching, and reaching. It needed His miracles and accompanying the people. It needed His time spent with the Apostles and disciples. It needed His presence and work and ‘ordinary’ life. For in the end, it is the ordinary existence of our lives that Jesus in the Flesh offers to the Heavenly Father. That is essential to the newness and novelty of His Sacrifice and Salvation. The offering and sanctifying of the ordinary into the extra-ordinary Mystery of God’s Divine, Triune Love. So, as we enter anew into this ordinary time, how will you offer the ordinariness of your life to God in an extraordinary way?

Answer that, and you will have found Christ’s answer to sanctity and saintliness!

Part of the ordinariness of our daily lives is the opportunity to be Christ to others. Part of the way Christians are called to make their ordinary lives extraordinary is by the taking of the Gospel to all Peoples and Nations in thought, word, and deed. This weekend we are blessed to welcome Sister Lucia Benedict Azoba, a religious sister of the Ad Gentes Missionary Congregation. Ad Gentes means “to all peoples and all nations”. And it is precisely to all peoples in need that this religious community takes the Good News of the Gospel.

Ad Gentes Missionaries is a new Roman Catholic Missionary Congregation of religious community founded in 2003 of avowed women and men committed to participating in the liturgical life of the ecclesial community as agents of evangelization, which embraces a life of prayer, community living, and service through ministries in education, healthcare, community development, inter-religious and cultural dialogue especially among Catholic and other people of faith to create communities of mutual respect and tolerance.

They are interested in the development of people. Helping people help themselves through human, agricultural and community building, particularly people who are striving to surge beyond endemic diseases, ignorance, hunger, misery and injustice imposed on the masses from greed of the people in civil authority. These people are looking to be educated, to benefit in the growth of the society. They want to purposefully develop their human dignity. We continue to reach out and touch lives through our catechetical grassroots evangelization.

The Ad Gentes Missionaries are dedicated to the total development of the human person through liberating gospel teachings of Christ and his Church. Our Missionaries help to provide oases of hope in the midst of human misery, loneliness, violence and hunger, which indiscriminately and often disproportionately afflict children, women and the elderly. We are dedicated to the total development of the human person through liberating gospel teachings of Christ and his Church. Our mission takes us right to the people where too many are suffering.

The Ad Gentes Missionaries are an American community of 26 members and growing, who currently minister in Burkina Faso (Dioceses of Koudougou Ouagadougou, & Tenkoudougou); Cameroon (Ngaoundere); Nigeria (Catholic Archdiocese/Diocese of Abuja, Keffi, & Minna); and U.S.A. (Archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska).

There will be a Second Collection this weekend to support the Extraordinary Mission work of the Ad Gentes Missionaries to take the Saving Gospel to all people in word and deed. This is the first of our two summer Archdiocesan mission appeals. Please generously support this ministry. Thank you.


Holy Family, in Communion with Christ, Pray for us.

~ Fr Jeremy M. Gries


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