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Prayer Study

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian life.  Perhaps you want to build upon your practices, or you find yourself struggling and are looking to reboot.  No matter where you are on your journey, join us for a study on Christian prayer and the adventure of spiritual life. This series is for those who are just beginning and also for those who have been praying for a long time!  

Each session will include prayer together and videos interspersed with small group discussions.  There is no outside work to prepare; just show up and participate.  Topics of the study include the Power of Prayer, the Light of Christ, the Bible, the Holy Eucharist, How to Pray, and Mary and the Hope of Heaven.

The Prayer Study will run from August 31 through October 5, meeting each Thursday from 6:30 to 8 pm in the DAC (subject to change based on the number of registrations).  There is no registration fee.

Please complete one registration per person at  RSVP by August 24.

Contact Kristina Seipel with questions at [email protected] or 812-944-8283, ext. 224.



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