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Make Sure Your Safe Parish Training is Up-to-Date!

In compliance with Archdiocesan policy, To Be Safe and Secure (2003), all paid faculty and staff, youth ministers, volunteers, field trip chaperones, coaches, moderators, and other adults who work with children, are required to complete SafeParish training.

Safe Environment Training & Maintenance Policy

Safe Parish is the name of the safe environment and child protection program of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The program builds awareness of how to recognize and report physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and child sexual abuse. All new clergy, staff, and volunteers must complete their Safe Parish program before they begin their employment/ministry. Once completed, you will need to renew your training every 5-years.

There are 3 areas of Safe Environment Training that all volunteers must complete:

  • Safe Parish online training
    This program is designed to increase one's awareness of and recognition of the signs of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, and child neglect. It also provides information on reporting procedures and requirements.
  • Background Check
    This is required to screen known sex offenders from participating in ministries with children and to determine any potential risks or limitations for a specific volunteer position

  • Code of Conduct Form
    This form describes the conduct expectations for all people (employees & volunteers) ministering within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, especially those working with children.

If a Ministry/Activity interacts with children at all, Safe Parish applies to all adults!

For more information, contact the Parish Office at 812-944-8283 ext. 0 or visit:

 Find Instructions to complete the Safe Parish Training at



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