Good Friday 2012

Jesus-Thorns-1000So that we might turn again to him and to one another, Our Lord Jesus, the eternal Son of God, left heaven to be in the exile of sin with us. Though the Father loved him beyond all others, he allowed Our Lord to journey with us through the darkness and loneliness that sin and human willfulness bring upon us. With his arms outstretched Jesus Crucified is the image of the eternal love that waits for us. With his hands and feet nailed to the cross Jesus is the icon of how powerless we are to change our lives without God’s help. Take down the crucifix that hangs on your wall and hold it quietly for a while, study it carefully. Listen to God silently speaking his love to you.

Do not abandon Jerusalem, Lord God.

Do not desert your Church.

For the sake of him who became sin for us,

heal us and bring us back to you.

Please join us today at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. for Good Friday Services.